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prayerThe Nobles listed below are in need of your prayers and well wishes. They are having issues, whether medical, personal or they are just in need of some Love.

Noble Don Martin has been admitted to ORMC due to heart concerns as of Thursday.  He is in room 715N - which is in the new North tower.  I visited him today and, although he was sleeping, his wife Cathy was there. She told me he is doing ok but they have not found anything yet that explains what is happening.  They are continuing to run tests He is accepting visitors and I am sure cards and/or phone calls would be appreciated and would lift his spirits (as of 10/9)

Noble John Seay is going in for a "procedure". (as of 10/6)

Illustrious Sir Max Jones is in Osceola Regional hosp . .for what? . . I was not told. (as of 10/6)

Please keep these nobles in your thoughts and prayers.
If you know them, please reach out and see how they are.
If you are in need of thoughts and prayers and wish to be on this list, please let us know by sending an email to Noble Dennis West. [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

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